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DVD subtitling tools with Blinx01 Ultimate Subbing Guide

Here is what you will need, if you want to learn how to subtitle your own DVDs, the only thing i can’t provide is the RAW DVD you will want to subtitle, alot of the programs in this download you will not use at first, but the tutorial I have included will walk you through the basics of subbing, just follow the tutorial and you will be on your way to subbing anything you want,

The tutorial is from Blinx01, and if I am asked to no longer share his tutorial, I will quickly delete the download file and re-upload it without his tutorial

I will say this now, I still use his tutorial, when I sub, I keep it open in the background while I do my subs, so if you run into any problems, chances are I might not be able to answer your questions,

but if you join the ADC site you will have access to the tutorial forums to look for answers, and ask questions

So if you are interested in subbing, download the rar file, If not thats ok also, I’ll keep up the work on what i like and release it every now and then.

Just to let you know, if you are planning to sub, the first thing you will need is the translated subs, most sub groups either offer the sub scripts, by themselves, or you can extract them from the Mkv file using Aegi sub, and then you would load the audio file of the raw dvd into Aegi sub, for timing the subs for the DVD,

Never, I repeat never expect the subs to sync up to the dvd perfectly, you will always have to adjust some, if not all the lines a little, and aegi sub makes it easy,

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    May 2, 2009 1:19 AM

    thanks im try

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