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Another reason to hate me

February 13, 2010

Well I have been so busy with school and work, I have not yet finished Rizelmine volume 5. But that is not the reason for this post.  I am posting to announce that I am officially dropping Toradora due to it being licensed by NIS america,

Link to announcement

They just announced that they will be releasing four shows this year and Toradora is one of them, please save all the hate messages because it will not change my mind, If you want Toradora for free, then just check around, there is a complete batch torrent on Nyaa torrents right now subbed by someone else, I feel his releases are better than mine anyway, since he has been subbing longer than me.

I know I subtitled half of the show, but there were 2 others that completed it, so as stated before I only subtitle shows that I want, unless a retail version becomes available, well a retail version is becoming available so I can move on to the other shows that I need to catch-up on, like skip beat and asu no yoichi,

I have a few shows I might replace the ones I dropped with, but until I have all the DVDs I wont decide if I will do them or not.

and if this causes you to not want any of my future releases well that wont stop me from doing them, that will just mean less time keeping my computer on to seed.


Kurokami the animation DVD or Blu-Ray

January 22, 2010

now that I have taken the time to watch Kurokami, I kinda like the show a little, not crazy about the ending, but a decent show as is. But I am troubled a little about bandai’s release of it. The DVD will come with both English and Japanese languages with English subtitles, but the blu-ray version will only have the English dub. I honestly feel cheated because I want the blu-ray version, I am the kind of person who enjoys the original japanese language audio with subtitles. And I want the best picture with blu-ray. Sure the DVD is crammed with 6 episodes, and the blu-ray has only 4 episodes, but I bet the picture quality is very good on the blu-ray release.

I know They are trying to stop reverse importation of the show on blu-ray, by not including the Japanese audio track and subtitles because it is always cheaper to buy anime from companies outside of japan, but they are not doing this with other blu-ray releases. Now I know the blu-ray is selling for less than the DVD, so I might consider getting both, Maybe the anime companies should do like the other companies, Most new movies that release on blu-ray also include a DVD copy of the movie. I would pay a small premium for that, so instead of 18.99USD for just the blu-ray, I would consider Paying 28.99USD if it came with both, that is only a 10.00USD premium, some blu-ray movies sell for 29.00USD just for that version, while others give you both the DVD and the blu-ray together for the same price, Disney seems to be doing that also with a few of their classics,

So in all I would have to say, the anime distribution companies need to start giving us more Blu-ray options, and start giving us more anime in blu-ray format. I don’t mind if the show is just up-converted, or if it was made in HD quality, I would like to start moving into the blu-ray format more.

I know a lot of older shows will never get the blu-ray treatment due to licenses being lost, or the show didn’t do well to begin with, but I will always keep a DVD player around for that, even if I have to buy one just to hide in the closet for when DVDs are no longer found in stores, I will still find a way to watch my  shows, and if you think blu-ray players will always support DVDs, we all know That one day they wont, just like now you can’t go into 99% of stores and find a brand new VHS player, I’m sure one store in the middle of nowere still has one for sale, but very unlikely…..

The holiday is over…..

January 5, 2010

Well the time to relax with family and friends is over, and once again I head back to school. But for some reason school seems like more of a break that the christmas holiday did. Oh well, I hope everybody had an enjoyable holiday, mine was a little crazy at times, but I got through it.

and just a quick update on my work. I have one episode out of 3 done for the fifth volume of Rizelmine, just in case there are still some of you interested in my progress……

A quick statement.

December 24, 2009

Well I see some are a little upset because of my decision to drop maria holic and tayutama.
Let me Make this statement again, if you never read the statement in the about section,
I only work on shows that are not available with subtitles, so why would I waste my time on a show that has official subtitles, and is available to buy. and it is my decision, nobody pays me to do this, I have never asked for donations for anything, but you get upset because I no longer want to do something for free…..

And to the person who thinks I am tired of subbing, you are entitled to your opinion. But as a matter of fact, I am currently working on the last season of Rizelmine. but as you also stated you will never download anything I put out. so you probably wont even see this post.

we all know that somebody will upload the subtitled versions of maria holic and tayutama, when they release, and you will still get it for free, now they might not have my style of subbing but they do a decent job. I myself want to buy it, because I do support the R1 anime industry, if the japanese companies would put out subtitled releases, I would buy them also, but we all know that will never happen.

why get upset, even fansub groups drop shows if they are officially licensed for broadcast with subtitles. skip beat is one of those shows, but since I like the show and want subtitled DVDs, I work on the show,

So I will continue my work on shows without official subtitled DVDs, whether you decided to continue to download anything I share, will be your decision…………

Tayutama ~ Kiss on my diety, Has been dropped

December 24, 2009

well looks like another show I have been working on has officially been licensed in America by sentai films.
as as such I have stopped all work on it, sure I have been doing other things, but now I will not be continuing this one, I encourage anyone who has enjoyed this show, and can afford it, to please buy it in support of the R1 anime industry. it is good to see newer shows being brought to america, and it saves me the time to subtitle it just so I can have it here at home

Skip Beat Vol. 5 posted

December 15, 2009

I have it on Nyaa and it is ready for your enjoyment…


sorry about not posting any preview pics this time around, but I have been busy with school and work, but only 4 more volumes to go, I hope they do a second season.

Skip Beat! Vol. 5

Skip Beat Volume 5 is complete

December 12, 2009

well I can finally say that volume 5 of skip beat is finished, and right now on the private site, but it will be up on nyaa real soon. so please be patient, I will get it up soon , so check back, and I have a few things to work on before I get back to work on other shows, but soon I will get started on the second half of Rizelmine….